2023 CTG Commander Application OPEN

(Official Announcement Memo) 2023 CTG Commander Applications for Encampment


1. The 2023 CAWG summer encampment, scheduled for 22-30 July with pre-encampment on 19-21 July, is now accepting applications for the Cadet Training Group Cadet Commander. We are planning to return to Camp Roberts (CAANG) in San Miguel, CA for the encampment.

2. This position is open to any Phase 4 cadet member in good standing who can perform the duties of the role with professionalism, consistent with Civil Air Patrol’s Core Values, the fundamental principles of the Cadet Program and the purpose and goals of the Encampment.

3. The following is the job description and primary performance objectives for this role:

a. Cadet Training Group Commander (CTG/CC)

i. Job Description: Leads the CTG in the implementation of the encampment program as described in CAPP 60-70 and CAWGP 60-70. He/she is accountable to the Encampment Commander for the overall encampment training program both for and by cadets. The Commandant of Cadets is the senior officer advisor to the Group Commander.

ii. Primary Objectives:

(1) Leads the officers of the CTG, to ensure proper implementation of the encampment program.

(2) The maintenance and consistency of training standards throughout the wing encampment program.

(3) Serve as a role model and example for all the members of the Cadet Training Group.

(4) Provides counseling services when appropriate.

(5) Provide an appropriate forum for feedback and criticism of the encampment program.

(6) Fostering cohesiveness, teamwork and unity of purpose within the Group cadre.

4. The following eligibility requirements apply to this role:

a. Attended a CAP encampment as a student

b. Prior service in a Cadet Training Group Executive Cadre role

c. An understanding of encampment related documents such as: CAPR 60-1, CAPP 60-70 and CAWGP 60-70.

d. Attendance at all five encampment-related events (April/ESR1, May/CAX, June/ESR2, July/Pre- and Encampment) for their entire duration.

5. All applicants must submit their application package no later than 9 March 2023 via email to the Encampment Commander (timothy.albert@cawgcap.org) and include the following items:

a. Cover Letter

i. Statement of the role being applied for

ii. Reason for wanting the role

iii. Qualification for the role

iv. A statement of what that applicant wants to accomplish and contribute by serving in that role

v. Any other relevant information

vi. A request for waiver of requirements, if desired, which may be granted at the sole discretion of the selection panel

vii. Applicants are required to use the business style letter (w/o letterhead) format presented on page 33 and following of The CAP Guide to Effective Communication (CAPP 1-2)

b. Resume of your CAP career (accomplishments, positions held, CAP activities attended)

c. A full-length photo of yourself in a CAP Class A uniform

6. Applications will be accepted only via email and no CAPF 60-81 forms will be required at this time; all applicants must copy their Unit Commander on their application email.

7. The following process will be used to select applicants for the Cadet Commander role:

a. Applicants will be contacted by the Commandant of Cadets to set up a Teams interview.

b. The interviews will be conducted by a selection panel which may be comprised of any of the following: Encampment Commander, Encampment Deputy Commander, Deputy Commander for Support, Commandant of Cadets, Chief Training Officer, Director of Cadet Programs.

c. Each applicant will be numerically scored by the selection panel, the highest scoring applicant will be offered the position. Scoring rubric will be made available prior to the interview.

8. Applicants not selected will receive a written explanation as to why they were not selected including specific suggestions for areas of improvement to support their continued growth and development as a valued member of the Civil Air Patrol and are encouraged to immediately apply for another Group Executive Cadre role.

9. Please direct any questions concerning this matter to Major Tim Albert at timothy.albert@cawgcap.org, (925) 316-3040.



Commander, 2023 CAWG Summer Encampment