Call for Senior Staff – Training Officers

Maj Tim Albert is honored to serve as the Chief Training Officer this year and is looking for 25 of you who will join the Training Officer staff this year. This role offers both experienced and new supporters of the Cadet Program a variety of opportunities to positively impact the lives of the cadets who will be participating this year. 
When? Please block December 28 – January 5 on your calendar (pre-encampment starts 12/26)
Where? Camp San Luis Obispo
The Encampment Needs:
One more Senior Training Officer*
Fifteen (15) more Training Officers** (including Assistant Training Officers)
*Ideally a highly experienced Cadet Program Officer with a CP Specialty Track rating.
** Ideally these personnel are experienced Cadet Program Officers who are enrolled in the CP Specialty Track or are former Eaker or Spaatz cadets.


If you are willing to serve in one of these roles, please send a direct email to
  • Detail your interest (which role?) and summarize your Cadet Program experience/qualifications
  • If you will have schedule limitations (i.e. cannot attend all days), please provide that detail. While we prefer the continuity of full-time staffing, we are eager to welcome anyone who cannot commit to the whole Encampment but can do part-time participation as an ATO.
Thank you for giving consideration to these often challenging but always rewarding roles. We look forward to seeing your interest via email and will answer any questions you may have (email, text or call). Many thanks to those who have already responded to the prior call for Senior staffing.
For more information please contact Maj Tim Albert:
(C) 925.316.3040