I wish to clarify a few things from Maj Wiggins’ earlier e-mail:
1) Yes encampment was postponed.  More info will follow. We have a few details to work out, but the minute they are, you will know.
2) This is not the first ever winter encampment in CAWG.
3) No cadet has lost any job at encampment.  I am still working with PCR and NHQ to determine the best path forward.
4) The encampment team is still working on the way forward for hiring cadet cadre.  I promise the minute we have a way forward, it will be shared.  It will use all the evaluations to date and will be a fair evaluation.
The encampment team is working hard to respond to all your questions and concerns.  We will answer your questions.  I ask your patience as we work through some final details.  
We will have an encampment when it is safe to do so!  And we will keep you all in the loop once we have solidified details.

Lt Col Jeff Mueller, CAP

2020 California Wing Encampment