Safely Forward

Welcome Encampment Staff, Students and Parents.
The Safety of our members and their families is our first priority so as we plan for our next encampment we are going to use this page to communicate and exchange ideas with you on how to safely prepare for encampment.  Our plans are developing along with our peer organizations throughout out the nation so we want to share with you some of the resources we are consulting in our planning process.
Please be assured that any plans for encampment will have the appropriate level of safety considerations in place to protect all of the members and participants of the encampment and with the approval of our leadership and the relevant state and local health authorities.
Cadet CORONAVIRUS | Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters
COVID-19 Information Center | Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters
American Camp Association COVID-19 Resource Center for Camps
Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps | CDC
Suggestions for Youth Programs and Camps: Readiness and Planning Tool