Senior Staff Applications

CAWG Encampment Senior Member Application

2018 Encampment will occur during 30 June – 07 July at Camp San Luis Obispo (SLO).  Pre-Encampment for staff begins Wednesday, 27 June.  Encampment is one of the largest activities within the CAWG Cadet Program; to ensure the consistency of the training and the well-being of the participants we need YOUR help. Part-time positions are also available.

Opportunities are available for any senior member who is interested in being a guest Instructor, serving on the Support Staff, or as a Training Officer.  Brief descriptions of each are provided below:


Instructors are subject matter experts in their fields.  Encampment students undergo a rigorous academic program to provide instruction in the areas of Aerospace, Leadership, Character and Fitness.  Previous classes have included: History of Aviation, Space Exploration, Air Force Career Opportunities, Wingman & Warrior Concept, Discipline, Teamwork, CAP Activities, Core Values, Honor Code, and more!

Support Staff senior members are those with experience in the areas of: Administration, Communications, Finance, Health Services, IT, Logistics, Mess, Public Affairs or Transportation.  Being one of CAWG’s largest cadet activities there is a colossal amount of effort that goes into supporting the training being provided.  Each one of the areas listed above are of critical importance to the success of the activity.  New senior members will be mentored by those with years of experience.  Seniors with an interest in any of the areas mentioned above are encouraged to come join the Encampment senior support team.  

Training Officers* are assigned to each flight at Encampment.  They are CAP senior members who are the cadets’ first-line adult leaders.  They also fulfill a critical role as mentors to the cadets, particularly the flight staff.  The major functions of this position include: ensuring cadets’ safety, observation and mentoring of flight staff, observation and evaluation of students, personal counseling, and a general desire to be around cadets and help them grow.  New Training Officers will be assigned as assistants and mentored by other adults who will guide you through the Encampment experience.  This is one of the most demanding but rewarding experiences at Encampment!


Anyone who thinks they may be interested in any of the above positions are encouraged to reach out via email to get more information.  Please email the contacts below based on what position interests you.  If you’re interested in Encampment but not sure where you fit in, email anyone below and you’ll get pointed in the right direction.


For INSTRUCTORS email Maj Tim Albert, Curriculum & Training Officer:

For SUPPORT STAFF email Lt Col Doug Crawford, Deputy Commander for Support:

For TRAINING OFFICERS* email Lt Col John Boyle, Chief Training Officer:

(*TO Deadlines: Applications are OPEN to apply for Flight Training Officers and Assistants)