Student Registration

Encampment is now accepting registrations for first-time students and Advanced Training Squadron (returning) students. 

Student Registration – 15 May 2019
ATS Registration – 31 May 2019

Please CLICK HERE to begin your registration.

We encourage you to discuss your attendance with your squadron leadership to determine if attending this year is right for you.  If so, you can begin to complete and SIGN the forms which will be required for registration, to include: CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 161, CAPF 163 (if under 18), Camp SLO Liability Waiver, and DD1381.

We expect our student slots to fill to capacity this year, any registrations received after that point (even if before the registration deadline) will be placed on a waitlist.  Registrants should have all pre-requisites for encampment complete before registering, those who register without all pre-requisites complete will automatically be placed on a waitlist until completion of attendance requirements, and will then be slotted pending space available.  It will be YOUR responsibility to provide us with an update once all registration requirements have been met.

Pre-requisites will include:

  • Current Cadet Member of Civil Air Patrol in good standing
  • Completion of Achievement 1 (C/Amn)
  • Signed permission from Parent (or Guardian) and Squadron Commander on CAP Form 31

Any cadet applying for scholarships such as the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) (opened 1 March) or through their Squadron should contact us via email after applying for that scholarship to receive a unique registration code.

Email with any questions.

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