2019 Encampment Video

The 2019 California Wing Encampment video is now available on below and on YouTube! Be sure to check it out and please like, share, and subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHrUh38WyG8 

A huge thank you to the 2019 Encampment/CTG Public Affairs Team

C/2d Lt Michaela Kovalsky– Cadet Director of Public Affairs (video producer/editor)
C/1st Lt Joren Nelson (Photographer & Video)
C/CMSgt Daniel Chase (Photographer)
C/CMSgt Maximus Davenport (Photographer)
C/MSgt Brianna Lee (Photographer)
C/MSgt Jacub Grissum (Photographer)
C/TSgt Amelia Rychlik (Photographer)
1st Lt Jillian Restivo – Senior Director of Public Affairs
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