2024 CTG Executive Cadre Announcement

All Cadets,
We are now accepting applications for The Cadet Training Group Executive Cadre:
    1. Commander, The Cadet Training Group (CTG/CC)
    2. Deputy Commander for Operations (CTG/CDO)
    3. Deputy Commander for Support (CTG/CDS)
    4. Superintendent (CTG/SUPT)
    5. Commander, Cadet Training Squadron (CTS/CC) x 4
    6. Chief of Staff, Cadet Support Squadron (CSS/COS)
The application deadline is 2359 on 14 February 2024.  

We are returning to Camp Roberts (San Miguel, CA) for an 8-day Encampment on June 25-July 2 with a pre-encampment to be held at the same location on June 21-24. Yes, the graduation date is on a Tuesday this year.

Additional Encampment related events are planned for the following weekends. All are currently scheduled for Camp Roberts:

  • March 8-10 Leadership Team Retreat 1 (LTR1)
  • April 19-21 Cadre Selection Exercise (CSX)
  • May 17-19 Leadership Team Retreat 2 (LTR2)

Additional CTG Executive Cadre roles will open for application soon. The final round of CTG Cadre roles will open for application in March with CSX registration opening in April.

Please see the attached memorandum for full details on the Cadet Training Group Commander role and application process. Application packages must be emailed to the Encampment Commander (ctg@cawgcap.org) no later than February 14.

Maj Steven Angus