2020 Encampment Announcement

October 17, 2019 CAWG Encampment Staff 0

Cadet and Senior Members,   On behalf of the Cadet Programs team we are pleased to announce that next year’s CAWG encampment dates are nearly confirmed and will be finalized and announced as soon as all arrangements are made with […]

Press Release!!! 2019 Encampment

August 12, 2019 CAWG Encampment Staff 0

The Encampment Public Affairs Team is proud to announce the official press release outlining the successes of this years Encampment. Here you will find the full list of Awards and Statistics highlighting the hard work and dedication of all Cadet […]

2019 Encampment Video

August 1, 2019 CAWG Encampment Staff 0

The 2019 California Wing Encampment video is now available on below and on YouTube! Be sure to check it out and please like, share, and subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHrUh38WyG8  A huge thank you to the 2019 Encampment/CTG Public Affairs Team   C/2d […]

2018 Weekbook is HERE!!!

August 29, 2018 CAWG Encampment Staff 0

THIS JUST IN: THE 2018 ENCAMPMENT WEEKBOOK IS FINALLY HERE. ____________________ CAWG Encampment teamed up with PicABoo to bring you a 68 page, full color hard/soft cover & free low res e-book.  Make sure you follow the instructions carefully when […]