Graduation Information

Graduation will take place on Saturday, 06 July 2021 at 10:30am on the
Camp San Luis Obispo Parade Field.

Parents and friends are encouraged to arrive as early as 9:45-10:00 for parking and seating considerations.  There is limited seating in stadium style bleachers; therefore please bring chairs and hats/sunglasses/small umbrellas due to sun exposure.

Weather is expected to reach 95-100 degrees, Excessive Heat Warning, be prepared! Please bring your own water and drink up, even before you feel thirsty. Also, sunburns are very common, so apply sunscreen multiple times per day to stay protected.

Please feel free to take as many pictures or videos as you would like. And please cheer loudly in support of your cadets as they proudly march in review! 

Following the graduation parade, the cadets will march to Perlee Theater for an assembly where the Encampment Leadership will recap the week and show a short video highlighting the successes of the cadets. It is a short walk to the theater where parents and friends will be directed to sit from the middle of the theater to the rear.   

At the conclusion of the assembly, the cadets will gather outside Perlee Theater in formation and formally be dismissed. At this point, the cadets will be given “Go Home Cards” which they must have their driver completely fill out before returning it to their Training Officer and receiving their Graduation Packet. The card must be filled out in order to receive the packet and be released from Encampment.

All of the above will be explained in detail by Encampment Staff on the day of the Graduation.

Please travel safe, and thank you for your continued support of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program.