Updated Enc. Cadre Application Procedures


In the past, cadets applying as staff for encampment, had to undergo a laborious process which generated considerable (and generally unnecessary) paperwork.  This also created duplicative work for you, as a Sq CC. 

Routinely, a cadet would submit a CAPF 31 for Cadre Selection Exercise (with an accompanying CAPF 160 and 161) as well as a resume and cover letter.  If selected (depending on the position selected for), the cadet would have to generate the same forms (minus the resume and cover letter) for Executive Staff Retreat 1, Executive Staff Retreat 2, Pre encampment, and Encampment — in sum, application forms for five activities, which required parental and Sq CC signatures each time.  Since parents and Sq CCs approved a cadet to attend a selection exercise for a position at encampment, it seems farfetched to think they wouldn’t approve other required activities or encampment itself.

In order to streamline the process of encampment applications, this year Cadet Programs will require cadet staff applicants to submit forms only once for encampment and all associated events.  This will reduce the demand on cadets, parents and Sq CCs, as well as the volume of paperwork requiring processing by CP.

As always, Sq CCs and parents retain the right to withdraw approval to attend any activity (or portion of these separate encampment events).  Submitting such notification to the Encampment Commander (Lt Col Grace Edinboro), the Commandant of Cadets (Lt Col Doug Crawford), or me (after advising the cadet, of course), will suffice.  Additionally, we will request submission of a new application if any important information has changed since the last submission.  (For instance, if a cadet’s medical condition has changed.)

It’s our hope this new process will eliminate time consuming processes that slow down our system and increase workload unnecessarily.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. 

Lt Col George K. Ishikata, CAP
California Wing Director of Cadet Programs

CTG Cadre Selection Exercise (CSX) – APPLY NOW!!!

Applications to serve as a member of the 2017 California Wing Encampment Cadet Cadre are Open! Apply Now! www.cawgcadets.org/csx2017


• Be a current CAP Cadet in good standing.
• Has attended a basic Encampment
• Able to attend CSX activity on 21 – 23 Apr 2017.
• Familiar with the California Wing Encampment Model (The Cadet Training Group)
• Understanding of Encampment related documents such as: CAPR 52-16, CAPP 52-24, CAWGOI 52-16-1 (updated 2014).

(requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Commandant of Cadets*)

Application Website: www.cawgcadets.org/csx2017

DeadlineSunday, 8th April 2017

Encampment Cadre Positions Incude:
·      Director of Administration
·      Admin and Scheduling Officer/NCO
·      Director of Mess Operations
·      Mess Officer/NCO
·      Director of Logistics
·      Logistics Officer/NCO
·      IT Officer/NCO
·      Communication Officer/NCO
·      Public Affairs OIC
·      Public Affairs Officer/NCO
·      Flight Commander
·      First Sergeant
·      Flight Sergeant
·      ATS Flight Commander  

The deadline for submitted applications is: 2359hrs, Saturday, April 8th 2017.  There will be ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please contact ctg@cawgcadets.org should you have any questions.

Best of luck to all applicants!

C/Maj J. Mitchell Brown, CAP
Commander, The Cadet Training Group

2017 Encampment Date Information


The dates for the California Wing Encampment for 2017 are 13-20 June at Camp San Luis Obispo.  Pre-Encampment will start on 10 June for Cadre and selected Senior Staff.  We understand that there are some school districts in California that don’t end instruction/finals until after 10 June.  We apologize – these were the only dates we were able to reserve the facilities we need for the encampment.  As other wings determine their encampment dates, we will publish them for those cadets who need encampment but who are not able to attend the California Wing Encampment.  With parental intervention, some students may be able to speed up their end-of-term testing and leave school a few days early – we encourage that as an option as well.  We may be able to work with Cadet Cadre who are unable to attend all of Pre-Encampment but who can be there for the entire encampment itself.  Watch this page for more information about your encampment options in 2017!

– Lt Col Grace Edinboro, CAP
CAWG Encampment Commander

Obstacle Course and Orientation Flights on Today’s Schedule!

There was a lot of excitement in Monday’s schedule! Early in the morning, cadets were awakened by their flight cadre to begin PT.  Today the Cadet Training Group participated in Orientation Rides at the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport. This activity enables cadets to learn more about the Aerospace Education mission of CAP.  Cadets received a 60-minute Orientation Flight in a Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182! Flights also went through the Obstacle Course, which is highly physically demanding.  Today’s obstacles helped cadets realize that by coming together as a team, each could succeed.


Ending this eventful day, cadets were inspected by the Squadron Commander and First Sergeant for the first time, and teamwork and discipline were heavily emphasized. The cadets are learning and improving each day.  As they come together as a team, they continue to improve.
Make sure to keep updated with your cadets by checking back daily during encampment!


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Cadets Come Together as a Flight

“In order to succeed we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

Sunday provides a pivotal moment as the students at encampment continue to work with their flight staff and fellow students, as well as experience their first inspection. After constructive direction, the students begin coming together as a team while they train.

The students participated in their daily physical training and attended either religious services (Protestant or Catholic) or a character development class. After services (or character development), students learned about how cadets can transition to military careers. During a subsequent class on Customs and Courtesies, students learned military traditions related to respecting others. Students received a briefing on how to conduct a preflight inspection to prepare the students for their upcoming orientation flights. Flight staff took advantage of time between classes to practice volleyball for the upcoming competition later in the week.  The flight staff continued to train their students on drill and ceremonies as well as barracks skills, concluding with an inspection to check on progress.

For each cadet to succeed at encampment, they must learn to rely on their teammates and their flight to accomplish more than they can accomplish on their own.
Keep checking our page for daily updates and new photos!


DSC_0697 DSC_0699 DSC_0700 DSC_0701 DSC_0704 DSC_0705 IMG_3056 IMG_3069 IMG_3107

Cadets’ First Full Day at Encampment

“What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows.” – Ralph Marston

Cadets attend encampment to learn and build as both an individual and a team while at encampment. In-processing and the beginning in the journey is now past as the students continue their commitment to the program.

Day Two began with an intense environment as the day before revealed. The students were directed to physical training with their flight in the early morning and then marched to the Commander’s Welcome. Colonel Edinboro spoke to the students about how challenging this activity will be to each and every one of them. The students were then introduced to the Wingman, showing teamwork and dedication to one another. The Warrior Spirit was also introduced to the students in how they must prove themselves and defend each other in any event. Later, the students were educated in CAP and its historical relevance. Further training continued in the proper wear of the CAP uniforms and proper discipline. The flight staff began teaching the cadets proper Drill & Ceremonies movements. The students had their first barracks inspection. The purpose of the barracks skills is to practice and perform their understanding of attention to detail.

These students are continuing their training and are in the beginning phases of encampment.  They will continue to train as both an individual as well as a team.
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