The CTG recommends cadet cadre applicants be familiar with the following documents. The links have been provided for your convenience.

CAPM 52-16 Cadet Programs Management (effective through 31 Jan 18)

CAPR 60-1 Cadet Programs Management (effective 01 Feb 18)

CAPP 60-70 National Encampment Guide (2017)

CAWG OI 52-16-1 California Wing Encampment Training Manual (2014)

CAWG OI 52-16-2 Student Standard Operating Procedures (2016)

CAWG OI 52-16-2S Student SOP Barracks Supplement (2016)

CAPM 39-1 Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual (2014 w/Updates)

CAPP 60-20 CAP Drill and Ceremonies (2016)

Encampment Jodies & Songs Booklet