Senior members,
We are excited to invite enthusiastic senior members to join us in key support roles for our upcoming encampment, running from 24 June to 02 July, 2024. Whether you can join us full-time or part-time for 2 to 4 days, your involvement will be a valuable addition to our team. This is a perfect chance to dive into the world of cadet programs, where you can contribute to our mission while gaining hands-on experience in logistical, food service, transportation management, health services and other short-term opportunities, in a highly supportive environment.
Food Services Officer
Assist in kitchen operations, including menu planning, food ordering, and meal preparation. Work alongside the food services director to manage food orders and catering costs effectively. This role is crucial in ensuring that dietary needs and preferences are met, creating a welcoming dining experience for all. Enjoy the camaraderie of the kitchen team with both full-time and flexible part-time commitments of just 2 to 4 days.
Logistics Officer
Assist in managing cadet logistics, ensuring all supplies, such as water bottles and t-shirts, are ready and accounted for before encampment begins. You will support the primary logistics team in organizing and distributing supplies essential for daily activities. This role is an excellent entry point for those interested in gaining experience in logistical management without the stress of leading the operation. We offer flexible part-time commitments, perfect for learning the ropes at a comfortable pace.
Transportation Officer
Support the coordination of all transportation logistics, helping ensure that vehicles are properly prepared and drivers are correctly briefed and scheduled. Your role will be integral in supporting the smooth operation of our transportation needs. This position offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about fleet management and logistics from a supportive role. Choose from a full-time involvement or a shorter part-time stint of 2 to 4 days to begin making a meaningful contribution.
Assistant Health Services 
Support the health and safety operations at our encampment by assisting in managing health-related incidents and providing basic medical care. You will work under the guidance of the lead Health Services Officer to monitor the health of cadets and staff, handle medical emergencies and ensure proper medication management and first aid. This role is an excellent opportunity for those with medical training who wish to contribute in a supportive capacity to the well-being of all participants.
Encampment Opening Assistant (Part-time role at the beginning of encampment)
Join our team as an Encampment Opening Assistant and play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth start to our encampment. This position is perfect for individuals with a strong desire to help and who thrive in a dynamic, team-oriented environment. No previous experience is required—just a willingness to learn and contribute. This position is a short term assignment that requires your engagement for a couple of days.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Assist with in-processing of cadets and staff, ensuring all participants are welcomed and registered efficiently.
  • Support the logistics, transportation, administration, and other support teams in preparing and organizing encampment facilities and resources.
  • Provide general assistance wherever needed to facilitate a successful launch of the encampment program.
Encampment Closure Assistant (Part-time role at the end of encampment)
We are seeking motivated individuals to join our Encampment Closing Team, which is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and orderly end to our encampment. This vital role is ideal for those who can step in and help finalize our program by restoring facilities to their original condition and assisting in wrapping up operations. Your efforts will greatly assist the staff who have been on-site for the duration of the encampment by allowing them to depart while you ensure everything is left in excellent condition. This position is a short term assignment that requires your.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Support various teams by taking over responsibilities, allowing long-term staff to transition out smoothly at the end of their service.
  • Help transport supplies and equipment back to storage facilities, ensuring nothing is left behind or misplaced.
  • Oversee the cleaning and resetting of buildings and grounds to ensure they are ready for return to the host facility.
  • Assist in the check-in process for buildings, ensuring all facilities meet the Army’s cleanliness and order standards.
If you’re looking for a fun, educational opportunity that fits your schedule, these roles are ideal for getting involved with minimal commitment. Contact us to find out more about how you can join our team and help make this encampment a success, for your cadets, for Civil Air Patrol, for us!
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Captain Katrin K. Steele
Chief of Staff – CAWG 2024 Summer Encampment
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary