Encampment Students – Register NOW!

UPDATED Registration information for CAWG Summer Encampment! 


Registration Deadline: 18 June 2021​​ 

First-time Student Registration Cost: $300 

The Encampment will be held at Camp San Luis Obispo, from 29 June – 6 July. Due to our focus on first-time students, we will not be having an Advanced Training Squadron this summer.  
We have been able to open additional first-time student slots, about 60 open slots remain.

First-time student registration will be filled based on a priority system. This priority is briefly outlined below. Our Encampment team is committed to providing an activity that fills the needs of cadets who were unable to attend last year or may be unable to attend in the near future using the following priorities: 

  • First priority – Cadet Officers who received a COVID-related promotion waiver for the Encampment requirement 
  • Second priority – Any 16-18 year-old C/CMSgt’s or C/SMSgt’s 
  • Third priority – All applicants in the order in which they were received 

The registration website will include a “register now, pay later” option that will allow cadets to enter the priority slotting system without having to pay at the time of registration. If you wish to pay at the time of registration, the full Refund Policy is detailed on the registration website. If you chose not to pay at the time of registration, you will be contacted with a special weblink to complete payment and receive your Acceptance Packet.  
Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) scholarships for this Encampment are CLOSED at this time.

Safety of all members and Encampment participants is of the highest priority. National, State, local and Civil Air Patrol guidance around health and safety practices are continuing to develop. Here is a summary of the COVID-19 Standards that we expect to apply to the summer Encampment. 

  1. COVID-19 Testing: ALL participants MUST meet one of the following criteria at the time of In-Processing:
    1. Present a professional COVID test with negative results dated within three (3) days of arrival at the Encampment.
    2. Present proof of full vaccination to the Health Services Officer.
    3. Provide a signed attestation of self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival at the Encampment.
  2. Vaccinations: It is Civil Air Patrol’s policy that vaccinations are not required to participate in the Encampment. While we encourage all cadets and adult staff to seek full vaccination prior to June 29, vaccination is not required to attend the Encampment.
  3. Billeting: Sleeping arrangements in the barracks may include every other bed or a “head-to-toe” sleeping configuration; either will be in compliance with CDC-approved guidelines. Additional ventilation will be provided to ensure air flow in the barracks.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment: We anticipate that masks will be required at all times with the following exceptions. 1) Documented medical exception; persons with this exception will be required to wear a personal face shield in lieu of a mask. 2) Eating/drinking. 3) Personal hygiene. 4) During specific Physical Training activities where appropriate social distancing is maintained. 5) Any other matter where the Health Services team and COVID Compliance Officer determine that the well-being of the participant is of highest priority. Encampment-standard disposable masks will be issued daily; personal masks will not be worn during the Encampment. 
  5. Cleaning/Disinfecting: Standards will be followed that are consistent with current Centers for Disease Control and Civil Air Patrol guidelines. 

The COVID Prevention Plan is posted on the Encampment website (linked below) as a reference for further details regarding the safety measures that we will take to ensure the well-being of all Encampment participants. Any specific questions can be directed to ctg@cawgcadets.org and they will be routed for response. 
For more information on this year’s summer Encampment, navigate to the CAWG Encampment website. Changing conditions and updates will be posted there. 
The CAWG Encampment has been one of the premier cadet training activities across the country for decades. We are grateful for that heritage and are excited about continuing this standard of excellence in training for all who will participate this summer. We eagerly invite the cadets of California Wing to sign up soon and become part of the legacy and the future of The Cadet Training Group. 

Maj Tim Albert, CAP
Encampment Commander