2020 Group Executive Cadre Announcement

January 12, 2020 CAWG Encampment Staff 0

We are now accepting applications for The Cadet Training Group Executive Cadre:   Commander, The Cadet Training Group (CTG/CC) Deputy Commander for Operations (CTG/CDO) Deputy Commander for Support (CTG/CDS) Superintendent (CTG/SUPT) Curriculum & Planning Officer (CTG/XP) Click here for all […]

Senior Executive Staff Application

December 14, 2019 CAWG Encampment Staff 0

CAWG Senior Members:   The 2020 CAWG Encampment is now accepting applications for senior member executive staff positions for this year’s activity.  Encampment will be held 4-11 July 2020, with pre-encampment 1-3 July 2020 at Camp San Luis Obispo (with […]

2019 Weekbook is HERE!!!

December 4, 2019 CAWG Encampment Staff 0

THIS JUST IN: THE 2019 ENCAMPMENT WEEKBOOK IS FINALLY HERE. ____________________ The encampment public affairs team has worked hard to commemorate the training, experiences and achievements of all cadets and senior members in attendance at the 2019 CAWG encampment.  We […]